CDCS members believe that our collective makes civil society stronger. CDCS members know that their individuals input are strengthened by our collaborative efforts.




  • Access to all pertinent documents regarding the governance and operation of the CDCS


The CDCS is a transparent organization. Members have access to all public documents, such as strategic plan, and minutes of Board of Directors meetings.


  • Members nominate and elect the CDCS Board of Directors. Elections are held every two years.


  • A complimentary copy of all CDCS publications.


Members receive reduced rates for additional copies of all publications





  • All members must respect the spirit, values, and standards expressed within the mission of the CDCS.

Materials received as benefits of membership may be used to promote civil society and civil society programs. They are not to be used for commercial purposes.


  • All members are expected to actively participate, whenever possible, in CDCS meetings and activities.


  • All members are expected to share their knowledge and expertise with the CDCS.


Each member can contribute something uniquely valuable to the goal of strengthening the civil society in Armenia.


         All members are expected to participate in Board elections.