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Since its establishment around 15,000 people have benefited from our activities. Among them are local and refugee men, women, youth and children, from both urban and rural communities, as well as youth, men and women from Armenian Diaspora in different countries.  Detailed analyses of our beneficiary groups are here.


I'm Julieta Yeremyan-Verdyan, deported from Gandzak (Kirovabad) town in 1988, the president of NGO of Armenian refugees "Alarm bell" since 2000, I have collaborated with the "Centre of Development of Civil Society" which conducted plenty of work with refugees concerning studying Armenian and English at computer courses. Many young refugees, it was an urgent profession for them. The most wonderful was that the organization was able to find jobs for them. The president of the organization Svetlana Aslanyan is a wonderful person and public figure. She is a wonderful example for those who know her. Up to now I collaborate with love and I'm an administrative member of that organization.



I have participated in many projects of NGO "Centre for the Development of Civil Society" as a volunteer in 1998 I performed duties of the president of auditing commission. This organization which used to be called "Ghevond Alishan" in past, has implemented some projects for refugees: the most important was training of "Armenian Language and Culture" during which they were taught to write appeal, complaint in Armenian. The members of this organization went to the hostels where the refugees lived and talked to them about their rights; summer camps were organized /village Sayat-Nova, Nitam Qasakh/ to integrate refugee and local children which repeated over a few years in summer. I should mention also trainings of computer, foreign languages, etc. The NGO "Centre for the Development of Civil Society" has implemented projects both in Yerevan and Marzes. I can write about the activities of this organization very long. I am a member of the organization till now and participate in all events.


Since October of 2004 I had attended "Community Development Transition School" trainings of "Centre for the Development of Civil Society". That project was both for boys and girls.
The trainings were interesting and meaningful. All the subjects were interesting but except computer and English I personally liked "Business basis" and "Civil Education" subjects. It was important that except trainings we went o exhibitions and museums with great pleasure. We were to Academic Theatre after Sundukyan and Dramatic Theatre after Stanislavski.




In 2005 I heard an announcement on radio that NGO "Centre for the Development of Civil Society" organized  “Community Development Transition School” and invited youngsters to participate in that project which anticipated charity studies of computer, English and 11 subjects. The most surprising was that those subjects - civil education, gender history, fundamentals of business, weren't taught at any university, and all that was free. During the trainings I got acquainted with girls and boys of my age.
After graduating from those trainings we have continued to be close friends till now. I attended the classes with great pleasure. The staff of lecturers was skillful and very warm. They taught the materials in very interesting and non standard way.
It was interesting that they involved us in lecture and in that way the studies were more effective. I would like the trainings to be continued in order the girls and boys who don't have possibility to attend private lessons could take part in such project and find jobs.


In 2004 I participated in trainings of "Community Development Transition School" project of NGO "Centre for the Development of Civil Society" in the first group. I had a great desire to learn computer and English because the knowledge of these two subjects was required for job. Except these two subjects it discovered for me subjects such as work ethic, NGO management, gender history. Except the lasses we took part in cultural events, visited Parajanov's home museum, participated in exhibitions, saw different performances. I would like the trainings were continual because three months were too little for us. Thanks to this project I was able to find job moreover I work at two places at the same time.   




I began to collaborate with the "Centre for the Development of Civil Society" in 1998 in the framework of a project called "Village Women in Civil Society". The project was very interesting; women took part in these seminars with great pleasure. It was held by S. Abrahamyan and N. Ajabyan. It was important for participants to learn how to write business plan, create a non-governmental organization with appropriate mission. Afterwards in Masis NGO "Hasmik" was crested aimed at help to teenagers and young women. That organization became the centre which continued to collaborate with CDCS in other programs, for example “Young Women Leadership Institute “graduating from which and getting certificate many girls found jobs. The programs “Civil Society Index in Armenia", "Strengthening the Participation of Women in Parliamentary”, etc were also important. Besides, we have actively participated in round tables and seminars organized by CDCS. I'm proud that I collaborate with CDCS and know the president of this organization Mrs. Aslanyan and other members.


Oganezov GrishaI have known the president of NGO “Ghevond Alishan” Mrs. Svetlana Aslanyan since 1989. Mrs. Aslanyan is an active fighter for human rights, including rights of refugees.
The organization “Ghevond Alishan” (later the Center for the Development of Civil Society) was the first organization engaged in issues of refugees in Armenia.
The first assistance from this organization was invaluable; she helped the refugees to adapt in social-political life in Armenia. The majority of refugees were not fluent in Armenian; they weren’t able to write claims, complaints.
Under leadership of Svetlana Aslanyan courses for refugees on Armenian language were organized for the first time in Armenia, where groups of different age participated. Seminars on democracy and civil society issues were organized.
While establishing the NGO “Ahazang” S. Aslanyan was elected a member of the organization. Many organizations wish to have in the organization such an active and initiative representative as Mrs. Svetlana Aslanyan is. Mrs. Aslanyan participated in all activities of “Ahazang”, translated and prepared documents on refugees status adoption, participated in conference on problems of refugees in Geneva, was an active member of the Council affiliated to the Chairman of the parliament and was awarded a diploma of recognition.
S. Aslayan and CDCS members participated in settling of refugees in hotels, boarding houses and free apartments, after which she took part in court trials concerning illegal expulsion from these objects. S. Aslanyan actively participates in establishing of democratic society. Our organization has been actively collaborating with CDCS not only with respect to issues concerning refugees up to present.


“Ghevond Alishan” Cultural educational Association now Center for the Development of Civil Society

What can I say about this public organization “Ghevond Alishan”, NGO, which is really, really public organization?

I have been a member of the organization from 1989. At that time, including some years, people were in greater need of assistance. The majority of refugee children had graduated from the school and faced the dilemma deciding where to go. They did not know the language, had no profession, education was paid while the families were financially indigent. It was an extremely hard problem to decide how to proceed.
And it was the moment when the organization “Ghevond Alishan” came to assist. About twenty children and adults from Sayat-Nova and Nizami villages were engaged in courses in Armenian, history Armenian culture, computer, and accounting.
People of different age and nationality were attending the classes, thus Julia Shandibina was Ukrainian, whose father was killed by Turks in Baku for an attempt to save the life of an Armenian, the granny Mariam among elderly who enjoyed participation at classes.
It is worth to mention that to consolidate the knowledge the groups attended also interesting and historical places such as Garni, Geghard, Sevan, etc.
NGO “Ghevond Alishan” organized summer camps for children from Sayat-Nova and some other villages.
I hope that NGO “Ghevond Alishan”, now the Center for the Development of Civil Society, will have many more programs and will assist many people over a long time.

Sussanna Martirosyan

It is more than 15 years I have known the activities of the NGO “Center for the  Development of Civil Society” (CDCS), diverse programs implemented by the organization were directed to a unique goal of civil society establishment and development in our independent country making first steps toward democracy. As a reporter, I have interviewed the CDCS president Svetlana Aslanyan many times, which were published in newspapers “Iravoonq”(Law), “Zaruhi”, “We, you, they”.
At he same time I took part in a number of programs, implemented by the NGO and elucidated them in press. All of them were interesting and goal-oriented programs. On the base of urgency I would emphasize one of them, namely the program “International Women’s Day Nationwide Essay and Poster Contest National and Regional Awards Ceremony”, 2008. The program was implemented in cooperation with the Embassy of USA, in the framework of which a competition of essays among schoolchildren from Marz schools was conducted in Tekeyan Center.
I have been collaborating with this organization to present and continue it. I hope that the “Center for the Development of Civil Society” will expand its activities directed to the civil society development.